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The purpose of this website is to share my enthusiasm with technology.

When registering on the site, you must provide your real name and email address. Your username must be respectful. This is to give legitimacy to your identity. But I respect your privacy so the site doesn’t purposely display your email address.

I will never spam you or request anything from you via email. I expect the same in return. Comments should be on point (not an ad or misinformation), respectful, courteous, informative, accurate and using appropriate language so all can enjoy the site. Don’t be offensive and respect other people’s opinions as I believe you would like yours to be respected. Don’t be a bully and play nice with others. We are only on this marble for a short time so let’s make it fun for everyone, to the extent that we can.

Currently there is no advertising on this site. My primary purpose to to share my technical voice.  But maybe relevant ads would be appreciated or acceptable (like one at a time to fill an empty spot)?  Somehow people may think it more legitimate? Until then, they aren’t here. While I cannot speak for the various tools being used outside of my control, I won’t do anything to track or market your access.

I retain the right to approve or delete comments. I likely will only do so if not on point, it doesn’t meet the common sense requirements indicated here, or it doesn’t make sense to readers.  Likewise, I retain the right to delete or not approve user accounts in the same fashion. If you don’t update your profile with your real first and last name or it looks suspicious, it will likely be removed.

Be nice towards others. show a desire to be here, and I believe we can all get along fine.

By accessing this site, you agree to these terms.