Apple: iOS is not like iCloud

While Apple seems to think leasing their iCloud services and granting usage of their iOS operating system on your device is similar, they are not. There is one big difference between the two environments. Apple iCloud is a set of services that runs in the cloud. It consists of software and hardware that is purchased

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IIS AppPool and Azure Active Directory Integrated

As part of migrating IIS virtual machines into Azure (IaaS) and migrating SQL Server databases into Azure SQL (DB or Managed Instances), we use the following steps so the websites can access their associated DBs without putting credentials into the web.config or appsettings.json files. This is inline with the existing SQL connection strings using integrated

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Microsoft Build 2021

Microsoft is hosting their premiere developer even, MSBuild, virtually on May 25-27, 2021. If it is anything like Microsoft Build 2020, Ignite 2020, or Ignite 2021, it will be full of great technical training, technical trends, “some” sales pitches on Azure, and an opportunity to connect with others in the industry (and let’s face it,

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