OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online not so enterprising

It appears OneDrive for Business has a 15GB file size limit.  This is for business-class enterprise level cloud file storage.  15GB.  I am granted up to 1TB of space that comes with the Office 365 subscription.  Dropbox Personal even goes to 20GB per file.  15GB is easily possible with DB backups.  Or video editing.  Or a large zip/7z archive file.

I would be fine with OneDrive for Personal having such a limit (okay, well they should at least be up to 20GB to match Dropbox).  But the enterprise class service limitation is ridiculous.  This is also true with SharePoint Online (SPO) having a view limit of 5000 files.  That is nothing for an Enterprise organization.  SPO should be equal or better than on-premise (our on-premise SharePoint 2013 Enterprise easily handles over 80,000 files in one library).  OneDrive for Business should have the same vision of enterprise class capabilities.

Microsoft, you need to start thinking enterprise for your online services if you expect the enterprise to actually jump over to your services.  And what is good for the enterprise is also good for SMBs because, well, they are even more dynamic and agile with data storage needs.  This is the real world knocking on your door.

Yes, I can break the file up with multiple archive files (e.g. using compression software) but that is a pain especially given bandwidth capabilities where direct access to files is desirable for efficient work effort.