NuGet “Heck”

Oh NuGet, how I love and hate thee.

You make it easy to get packages (libraries) for a project inside of Visual Studio 2017.  You make it easy to update packages.  You help identify where multiple projects might be on different version for a given package.

You are also make it easy to break a project, causing code to no longer compile or work properly.

Those that have used NuGet in their projects know how much of a pain it can be.  NuGet dependency updates can break your code (and often do).  Removing a NuGet package doesn’t give a clue what is happening with respect to unused dependencies.

What do I need to help?

  • Rollback capabilities.  Stop making me backup the projects beforehand manually
  • Allow me to uninstall a package and optionally select any dependencies in the chain, rather than giving me an error and making me manual uninstall the dependent packages.
  • Review potential problems in the projects within a solution (inspection would be a good thing)
  • Always require release notes to be viewed easily, before I install (or upgrade) a package
  • While ReSharper (R#) can help remove unused NuGet packages, this should be something that Visual Studio has already built-in (and I really like R# but this seems like a basic service item)

I am sure there are other things that could help.  I cringe right now when I see there are NuGet updates.  And with enterprise projects, the trepidation increases.