Run Windows Terminal as Administrator by Default

Windows Terminal is a nice command-line tool, supporting PowerShell, Command Prompt, Azure Cloud Shell, Windows Subsystem for Linux (can open Linux prompts), etc. One major issue is that it is a pain to regularly open Windows Terminal as an Administrator. It requires right-clicking on the launch icon and selecting Run as Administrator. Ugh! With Command

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Azure Pipelines States Wanted: Skipped, Expired

Today, there are two states with Azure Pipelines: Successful, Failed. The last state includes a problem within the pipeline (failure within a script, a step, etc.), the stage expiring, or the stage being cancelled. This state negatively, and incorrectly, increases the failure rate displayed by Azure Pipelines indicating a problem. Quite often, we cancel a

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Windows 10 Resource Managing

One of the features Apple has incorporated into iOS 14 is indicating via popup when the clipboard is being accessed and the source of the content that is being accessed. Great! This feature is needed in Windows 10. Naturally, there should be a configuration to disable such potentially noisy notifications. In addition to popups, provide

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Apple Event: iPhone 12, HomePod Mini

HomePod Mini Major product announcement 1 of 2. Apple’s latest smart speaker, focusing on: Amazing Sound: the 360 degree sound via the S5 chip is intriguing, especially if space is limited and you are on the Apple ecosystem. Making it so it allows combining multiple devices into multiple sound sources is nice. Intelligent Assistant: Siri

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Microsoft Ignite 2020: Virtually (Mostly) Amazing

Microsoft successfully completed their two-day virtual conference early this morning. There were incremental improvements compared to Microsoft Build and Microsoft Inspire conferences. They did a nice job explaining navigation and resource usage on the website. Their sessions were short (typically 30 minutes long) with a number of Teams-based sessions for smaller groups (more personal). For

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Windows 10: Pin Batch File to Start Menu or Taskbar

To pin a batch file (*.bat or *.cmd) file to the Windows 10 Start Menu or Taskbar: Right-click on the batch file and select Create Shortcut from the context menu. Rename the shortcut to the desired name that will appear in the Start Menu. Right-click on the newly created shortcut and select Properties. In the

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Apple Event: Watch, iPad, IPad Air, iOS 14

I am sure I missed some key items. This was written up as they were presenting. But a lot of nice items and ideas were shown. Apple Watch It is all about fitness. And style. And more health. As a person who uses activity to offset the desk time, this could be a nice option.

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Visual Studio 2019: New Git Experience

Visual Studio 2019 has now released their new Git Experience. While many developers didn’t know that Visual Studio had Git support within the IDE, our team has been using it regularly since Visual Studio 2017. It has been part of our workflow and this change was jarring and unexpected as we were starting some projects

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Browser Bookmark Sync Issues

As a web developer who uses bookmarks daily as part of my workflow, browser bookmark synchronization has routinely been a problem with me when: Synchronizing a browser instance that hasn’t had synchronization previously configured and has bookmarks A browser that hasn’t synchronized in a while and conflicting changes made between the cloud and the local

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