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Hans DickelMy name is Hans Dickel and I am currently an IT Manager of the Web Development Team at Daikin Applied Americas. I consider myself a typical technical geek who has a passion for the industry while needing to do activities to offset the daily immobility of computing life.

So why the name “recursive geek”?  Well, I am told, I keep stepping in it with my geekiness.  Like the time I responded that geek use to be a term to indicate a performer that bit the heads off of chickens.

Previously, when I was more focused on the business running my life, I was part owner of a Microsoft Certified Partner consulting company helping businesses with their IT Infrastructure and Development needs.  When time and demands allow it, I do periodic consulting development work through my company Aeriden LLC.

My career focus has always been and continues to be on solving business problems with technology. It is fun to see the changes over time and exciting to see what is next on the horizon.  I am more engineer than crystal ball.  I dig in code and work with developers.  I enjoy DevOps because we need our stuff to actually work for others and be supported.  We don’t have the desire (most days anyway) of just coding and throwing it over the wall for others to support.

This blog is one way I look to give back as much as possible in an area I have gained employment and enjoyment. I have been inspired by people like Leo Laporte, Paul Thurrott, and Mary Jo Foley, having listened to TWIT since it was started. They don’t know who I am and while I believe I am maybe less of an Eeyore, I respect their influence and thoughts as industry writing professionals. I enjoy their podcasts (and often talking back to them while listening) and writings and even got a chance to see them at Microsoft Ignite 2017 in Orlando, Florida.

With this blog I hope to find my voice, become a better writer, and share the passion of this industry.  While I don’t personally have the imagination of pleasure book authors, I have enjoyed Edward D. Hoch since childhood, respect the vision of Isaac Asimov’s robot series, and thoroughly enjoy the realism of new and upcoming author Andy Weir (The Martian and Artemis).

So am I a geek all the time?  I will let others be that judge.  When I am not working with technology, I am sailboat racing, alpine skiing, at the gym, and running.  I have to offset the time I spend at a desk and enjoy nature.  Or another way, I need to exercise my mind and my body.