Once a geek. Always a geek.

Or so I am told by those closest to me. Okay, so perhaps only a technology geek.  My name is Hans Dickel. I am focused mostly on software development, especially web development. Earlier in my career, I was a Microsoft-based technology consultant implementing servers, data centers, and securing networks.

Cartoon self image

I am an IT Director with the Web Development Team at Daikin Applied Americas.  I am inspired by many in our field. Technical podcasts are one of the best sources of current information. RSS feeds are great too. I like to give back when I can and it is useful to others as I have gotten so much from this industry.  I contribute to GitHub and NuGet.

I like virtualization as it allows me to play with many development platforms and operating systems. While I spend my work time on the latest Windows OS, I also use the latest macOS. I am an Apple home user with personal devices. I like running Linux periodically for kicks (Current distribution favorite is Zorin). Sometimes, albeit rarely, I will run VMs with really old versions of Windows. All except Vista, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2008 (hopefully for obvious reasons).

In case this isn’t obvious, the views of this blog are mine alone. They do not represent any thoughts or ideas of my employer, clients, vendors, or any other persons or organization.

The goal of this blog is to share ideas. Critical views are meant for the purpose of improvement and positive outcomes. It is a demonstration of passion for technology and life.