Apple iPhone 13 Missteps

There are a number of early adopter Apple iPhone 13 missteps experienced so far. I purchased an iPhone 13 Pro Max (my iPhone 11 Pro Max went scuba diving about 2 weeks ago, so rather than get an iPhone 12, I waited) and my father-in-law upgraded from an iPhone 6s (which was experiencing typing issues) to an iPhone 13.

Out of the box, both required an iOS update from 15.0 to… 15.0? Talk about confusing. It turns out they had a pre-release version put on the phone during manufacturing. Bad move. It would have been better to call the early release 15.0 and called the post-phone release 15.0.1.

And then I attempted to configure my Apple Watch to unlock my new iPhone when masked up. No dice. Unable to Communicate with Apple Watch: Make sure your Apple Watch is unlocked and on your wrist, and your iPhone is unlocked.

Taping Try Again didn’t fix. My phone and watch are talking fine. I am getting notifications. I am synching workout information. It turns out, there is a bug with the iPhone 13 and iOS 15.0 (both versions). This issue doesn’t exist with older iPhones.

120Hz isn’t available today, despite the big hoopla made about it on Apples website (and being able to go slower when not needed to save battery). Right now, it operates at a maximum of 90Hz (which is supported by the iPhone 12) until Apple releases an update.

I am not going to give Apple a pass on this. For premium priced devices, I expect better. They didn’t deliver. What a poor experience. They should have caught these easily testable issues and ultimately preventable.

If I had to do it again, I would have gotten an iPhone 12 Pro Max, post-13 launch, with a discount. A proven platform. If my iPhone 11 had not taken the watery plunge, I would have waited to make sure the iPhone 13 was past the poor-experience stage. I am going to recommend to friends and family to wait as well. I can put up with troubleshooting. It is part of my skillset and daily life. For others, this would be frustrating.

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