Azure Pipelines States Wanted: Skipped, Expired

Today, there are two states with Azure Pipelines: Successful, Failed. The last state includes a problem within the pipeline (failure within a script, a step, etc.), the stage expiring, or the stage being cancelled. This state negatively, and incorrectly, increases the failure rate displayed by Azure Pipelines indicating a problem. Quite often, we cancel a production release because we are still at an earlier stage and adding features before letting it proceed to ultimately land in the production environment.

There is a request to Microsoft to add more states. One is Cancelled or Skipped. Another is Expired (or similar). You can add your thoughts to this conversation via the Visual Studio Developer Community.

The good news is that this is on the roadmap. The “bad” news is that it has been there since March 31, 2020. An ETA couldn’t be found.

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