Windows 10 Resource Managing

One of the features Apple has incorporated into iOS 14 is indicating via popup when the clipboard is being accessed and the source of the content that is being accessed. Great!

This feature is needed in Windows 10. Naturally, there should be a configuration to disable such potentially noisy notifications. In addition to popups, provide a historical list of clipboard access.

Interested in other monitoring? Check out the Resource Monitor. It is easily available via Task Manager (right-click on the Taskbar > Task Manager). Then click Open Resource Monitor. Or just click on the Start Menu and start typing Resource Monitor and select the application.

Windows Resource Monitor

Within Resource Monitor, one can see which applications are consuming CPU, Memory, Disk access, and Networking. Reviewing these settings can help determine what is really happening on you machine, often times negatively impact performance. Or perhaps unexpectedly being run in the background.

To manage applications that startup when Windows starts, go back to Task Manager and click on the Startup tab.

Right-click on a specific entry to Disable or Enable the application on startup.

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