Browser Bookmark Sync Issues

As a web developer who uses bookmarks daily as part of my workflow, browser bookmark synchronization has routinely been a problem with me when:

  1. Synchronizing a browser instance that hasn’t had synchronization previously configured and has bookmarks
  2. A browser that hasn’t synchronized in a while and conflicting changes made between the cloud and the local browser.

I have a number of machines and I use Virtual Machines regularly to test various configurations and run pre-release software (including development tools). As a result, I have numerous installations of the same browser within these different machines. I am “picking” on Microsoft Edge as this is now my primary browser across Windows and Mac (and Linux, once available). It makes sense given the integration with Microsoft-based services and their focus on not earning revenue through browser usage. That being said, this problem exists with Chrome and Firefox too. I am starting to use Chromium-based Brave, but I haven’t used the browser enough yet to determine its synchronization skills.

In both of the aforementioned scenarios, there are a bunch of undesired bookmarks that appear. When adding a browser installation to synchronize, if there are any existing bookmarks, it should ask whether to merge the changes, take only the bookmarks in the cloud, or just take the bookmarks on the local machine (with an additional confirmation prompt for safety).

For a browser that has conflicting changes, this should be easily identified by the browser and prompt the user to merge, take the local copy, or take the cloud copy.

But no, the browser just merges the changes, creating a lot of aggravation to once again clean up the mess it has created, oftentimes creating massive numbers of duplicates.

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