Microsoft Authenticator Search Needed

Using an authentication app on your mobile device, such as from Microsoft or Google, is much better than using SMS/Text messaging for multi-factor authentication. This is because SMS can be intercepted by hackers. Generally, SMS is viewed as better than no second factor. Email can be better than SMS, but slower and not as easy on mobile devices.

If you use Microsoft’s solution (which also works for non-Microsoft services), it integrates nicely with Microsoft services including Microsoft 365 (Office 365, also known as Work or School accounts) and Microsoft Account (, also known as Personal accounts) to reduce the need to type in the 6 digit generated code.

One thing missing, as more users adopt 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) or MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) is search. Instead, I scroll up and down and try to find the code I need to use to authenticate. It is made more difficult visually since all services don’t have an associated icon. A search box will speed up the process, especially as more services are added over time. Okay, I would really like applications and websites to tie into Microsoft Authenticator like Office 365, if that is even possible, so I just have to tap Approve.

Another “complaint” is the inability to change the referenced email address or username (if you change either associated with your login). Instead, I wind up removing MFA and re-adding it to update it on my phone. Hence why it is a “complaint” in quotes. 🙂

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