Microsoft Ignite 2020 Conference Online

Microsoft Ignite 2020 is a complimentary digital event on September 22-24. As a frequent attendee of Ignite Conferences, I am partially bummed to miss attending in person. I say “partially” because there are benefits of attending remotely during a pandemic. Now my entire work team can attend the free event.

I hope Microsoft leverages virtual meeting spaces to connect with other fellow geeks and vendor offerings. Add video support through Microsoft Teams (if you must) or via a special-purpose conference app (ideal!) on mobile and desktop devices. 

It is time to build a new community by leveraging remote technology for the new norm, at least for a while. Likely forever. Even if I go back to the office post-COVID, it will now be even easier to work from home during conference training. Perhaps I could mix it up and attend remotely from another fun location of my choosing.

Earlier this year, Microsoft Build 2020 proved it is possible to do a remote conference successfully. It just needs some additional elements to incorporate the same social aspect that was available pre-pandemic. In addition to Microsoft folks, I want to reach others to create connections during the event, with the potential for forming longer-term alliances for business and technology purposes.


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