iPhone X cross out?

The iPhone X has a lot of nice features.  It feels good in the hand.  It has a nice edge-to-edge screen. It is stylish and unique (especially with the notch).

What is problematic about it is numerous.

It has the notch (unique but looks silly, especially until apps catch up, unless you make the screen smaller.  This gives the perception to users that the screen has lost real estate.

It doesn’t have a thumbprint reader, not even on the back.  This is a big deal for daily use.  I am constantly unlocking the phone.  Having to position the screen just right is annoying.  Facial recognition is a good idea, especially if an additional authentication factor could be used (thumbprint and facial recognition for those very security conscious folks).  But it has a hassle factor too.  Now if they had been able to incorporate an under the screen thumbprint reader and been the first mobile phone to market with this feature, that would have earned Apple big innovation points.

It is expensive.  Way too expensive.  The iPhone 8 and 8+ are much less and there are solid Android competitors that are also much less.  Do we really need OLED for a lot more cost?

Siri is terrible.  Granted, this isn’t specific to the iPhone X, but users don’t necessarily know that.  None of the digital assistants are great but Siri is the worst of the mainstream bunch.

The iPhone is still a good device.  It is my favorite for providing support since it is the same for everyone.  The carriers don’t control iOS and the update process.

The iPhone 8 and 8+ are just more realistic devices in the Apple ecosystem in terms of daily features and acquisition cost.